!!!!!!! UNDER CONSTRUCTION !!!!!!!
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Notice: This page is a template from the HDML book I wrote to teach myself web programming stuff, hopefully it will help you also. You may copy it and use it on your own web sights provided you include this notice just below your title. It is so legally binding even I have to put this notice here just below my title.

The title is callt this cause the werds "Under Construction" are the twomost singlemost important werds in yer quest to create and defend yer website. Why. Acause firstly, it looks way professional - it lets yer visitors know yer werkin hard crankin out all kindsa HDML to fix all kindsa shit, only you aren't actually doing that at all, are you. Seconds, if someone emails you with "I visited yer page and it sucked.", you can answer "look pal, di'n't you read the UNDER CONSTRUCTION notices?"

You may have seen I said "noticeS" not "notice". This is because the general rule of thumb is to have at least 5 "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" thingys on yer page (each one) and in the best case you will want them all to move. These are callt aminated jiffs.

You can just duplicate this page and use it on yer pages over and over again cause it has all the "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" stuff already jumpin all over the place for you.

<-- This one doesn't move cause nothin's goin on anyways just some guy standing around drinkin coffee and reading the paper. You could label this "UNDER CONSTRUCTION -SEE, I'M EXAMINING THE HDML". Possibly people might fall for that I dunno - experiment.

This one doesn't move either but I put it here so I'd have the minimum 5 notifications of under constructionagements. He's not really constructing web pages, he's just constructing a Sea Monkey Castle - but who's to know? -->

<-- This one has blinking lights so it's more noticible. Which is a good thing. It's hard to miss. Expeshelly if all 5 of yer mandatory notices per page are this one.

This is prolly one of the kewlest things you'll ever see on the web except porn sites. Tell peeple you made it with yer HDML. I put the guy running away there to add even more realizms. Pretend it's Nad and help him get away! eeeep!